What Boarding Schools Taught Me

Getting the best education for their children is every parent’s dream and joy.

We have been made to believe that those in boarding schools are more advantaged than those in day school.

Though to some extent this might be true, a student’s attitude towards books plays a significant role in the student’s performance.

However, in terms of life lessons, there are lessons that you won’t get taught elsewhere apart from boarding schools; these are lessons that are not in books.

Boarding schools foster a sense of independence

boarding school 1

Being in boarding school as a student, you learn what freedom means and how to make good use of it.

Since you are in that institution most of the time, the teacher might not be around to keep an eye on you.

You, therefore, slowly start to experience some level of being on your own and what you can do.

Closely related to this independence is another lesson of self-discipline.


Whatever you do with the freedom you have gained all depends on you as an individual.

The independence one increases in boarding school enables him or her develop some self-discipline.

One is aware of the consequences that might follow any misuse of that freedom; you might end up with an expulsion from school.

You learn how to meet and interact with people of diverse culture

boarding school 3

In most boarding schools, we have students from across a large section of the society as compared to day schools where most of the students are from the same locality.

To some extent, in boarding school, you might find a student who speaks a different language.

The ones who have a different culture from the one you get used to, and you have to learn to live with them.

You learn how to tackle life challenges

Being away from your parents offers you a platform of facing life as an individual.

It’s not every time you have a challenge you have to run to an adult to solve it.

You learn how to be strong enough to handle some life’s challenges since your parents are not around to offer you a shoulder to lean on.

Students in boarding schools are considered a bit more hardy compared to their counterparts from day schools.

Students in boarding schools learn about trust

boarding school 5

Once you realize that your parents are not around to solve all your personal problems, you slowly learn how to trust other people like the teachers who are more close to you at the moment.

You won’t have to wait for the term to end so as to share the issue affecting you with your parents.

As you progress with boarding school, you end up also trusting your fellow students.

You learn how to take responsibilities

As a young person, there is no a better place to be responsible than in a boarding school.

Here there are various duties one might get given from being a dorm captain to being a student leader.

The responsibility of being held accountable for your own actions also gets shaped here.

Apart from that, you also learn how to be responsible for your finances given in terms of pocket money.

Learning to take care of small matters eventually prepares you to be a leader in your own making.

Boarding schools teaches one to have an improved self-confidence

boarding school 7

Once you are given a task or responsibility, you learn on how to believe in your abilities.

Confidence matters a lot in undertaking some projects in boarding school.

Being on your own enables you to evaluate on your weakness and work on them as you use your strength to your advantage.

Interacting with people of different culture helps you to improve your confidence.