K-12 Education in America

Education system should be dynamic in nature. Every two- three years or so, there should be change in the system, that is, change in courses, exam patterns, etc.

The change should be brought in such a manner that it should show its usefulness.

The change brought in should be along the similar to the previous one so that the present one does not go off track.

America is undergoing an academic change which is going to have a drastic impact on its education system.

The K-12 education is to be modified according to latest technological and environmental requirements.


Smart Classes

k12 1

The existing classrooms are to be integrated with smart learning equipment to enhance learning.

This will enable students to get a far more comprehensive content for studies.

The smart classes will work on the concept of seeing and hearing the content at the same time which will enable a student to learn and remember quickly and easily.

The course is taught via presentations and video feeds.

Webinar and Online Classes

Student doing online class, mooc

There is a growing trend of online classes which provides interactive course material through e-learning, interactive classes, conversation type classes etc.

In these classrooms, recorded as well as live classes are available to students.

A student can stay at home or in a library and complete his/ her course.


k12 3

Gamification is a new style of studying, in which studying is made much more interactive.

In this system of studying, the content is taught through video games, illustrative content etc.

Project Based Learning

k12 4

Project based learning is a good way of teaching, which enables a student to open up and find his/ her own way of gathering knowledge.

The project based learning aims at a broader understanding of topic through collection of data.

Students are required to analyze the gathered data and make case studies and projects to represent their findings.

Learning through Research

k12 5

In this type of learning, topics are given to students and they need to research thoroughly on the topic.

The research is submitted via a white paper or thesis which highlights the topics.

This system enables a deep learning.

Personalized Classes

k12 6

This is an Indian system of teaching in which a class only has a handful of students and a teacher or mentor provides personalized training to his/ her students.

This type of teaching enables a student to acquaint to a teacher in a better manner which is good for learning.

Virtual Learning

k12 7

In virtual learning, recorded as well as live feeds are played on a projector and students listen to these audio and video feeds.

Also, in this system of learning students are given feeds to study at home.

Distance Learning

k12 8

These days there is a growing demand for diploma and certificate courses instead of degree programs.

Diploma and Certification Courses which can be done from home are very much in demand.

These courses enable students to choose topics that are according to their interests.

Education system should have regular up-gradations because stagnant policies do not work in a dynamic environment.

The world is changing fast and the education system also should be up-to-date with new learning techniques.